Wednesday, October 3, 2012

BUMPdate 18 weeks...


This was taken on Monday at 17 weeks 4 days. :)

This week has been great! I'm still feeling really good other than gaining too much weight this month! I just can't resist fries and a cheeseburger! I can't! I haven't been craving sweets hardly at all which if you know me, you know that's not ME. I am a lover of donuts, candy, and anything sweet really...lately? I'd take fries and a cheeseburger over anything else. So yes, this probably explains why I'm up 9 pounds so far but's almost irresistible! 
I did learn this last week that i cannot eat anything sugary for breakfast first thing in the morning. I had pancakes last Saturday and tried to eat a bowl of cereal one morning earlier this week, within two hours I had a blood sugar CRASH and it was awful! I get hot, sweaty, shaky, and felt like I could shove the entire world in my mouth and it still wouldn't be enough. Like, if I don't get food in my mouth at that very second I just about freaked out. I felt bad because Saturday it happened in the middle of Wal Mart and Kaleb had to rush me over to Wendy's for a quick fix since it's in the same parking lot. I am telling you I have never felt more hungry/crappy in my life but once I get food (that's not sugary) in my belly I feel so much better! Lesson learned...

When Kaleb took these pictures he said "You've really popped recently!". It's so very is growing!

In case you missed it, we did find out on Tuesday that we're having a little baby girl! We are over the moon excited to be adding a sweet little sister to our family. I'm still shocked...I was convinced we were having another boy. I feel the same and I'm carrying the same as I did with both of my boys! We are absolutely positive it's a girl, we had it confirmed by two different people to be sure ha! Her name is Harper Everly and we absolutely cannot wait to meet her! If you want to read about how we picked out her name click here.

Kaleb and I decided to keep the gender between the two of us for the day until my entire family could be together that night. I made chocolate cupcakes and filled the middle with pink frosting. Everyone bit into their cupcake at the same time to find out the was perfect. Below are some pictures that my brother Tyler took for us during the big reveal...

I'm so excited to start planning out how I'll be decorating her room and to start looking through girl clothes! We have nothing for a girl so far, so that'll be something we need to work on. :)



  1. Aw - a girl! yay! congrats:) love your preggo style - definitely taking some fashion cues from you for the future ;)

  2. Love the blog and ur bump is oh so cute!

  3. Having one boy and one girl, I can tell you, finding girl stuff is so much easier! Raising girls? Well, that's another story! :)


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