Friday, October 5, 2012


I'm linking up once again with Life Rearranged for the weekly Insta-Friday!

This week was insanely busy and I didn't take quite as many pictures as I normally do on Instagram, so I'll share with you what I do have!

Here's Oliver and I enjoying a walk around the park. Turns out I overdressed cause it was stinkin hot!

Oliver enjoying the swings. I don't think he's ever spent as much time on the swings as he did this time. He was most definitely loving it! You can see Carter in the background also. :)

My Mom surprised Oliver with a pirate costume. He was beyond thrilled and even slept in it that night. Poor guy has been quite disappointed that it's been WAY too hot to wear it...ever.

It got to over 100 degrees here this week! Really stinks cause we don't have AC and we live in a top floor condo. It was close to 90 inside for us for most of the week! I'm already a sweaty pregnant lady and this was definitely not helping.

Our friend visited us from out of town for the day so we took her to lunch and the park for the afternoon. It was over 100 out so we let the boys soak themselves in the drinking fountain-turned water park. They loved it.

This is Oliver chatting with our sweet friend Melissa. He was just wet from the fountain so no that's not sweat but it was crazy hot.

This is Carter's post cookies dipped in nutella snack face. He gobbled it up!

Kaleb and I celebrated our 6 year date-iversary this week! Love that guy.

And on the same day we found out we were expecting a baby girl and threw a gender reveal cupcake party for my family!

Overall we had a great, exciting, memorable week although it flew by! Hopefully next week will mellow a bit but who am I kidding? October is one of the busiest months ever!

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