Wednesday, October 17, 2012

BUMPdate 20 Weeks!


Photo Cred: Tyler Lee Mugg

TWENTY WEEKS!!! For some reason twenty weeks always feels like a momentous occasion. I think it's mainly because you get that awesome one hour long ultrasound where they check every detail of your growing baby and you get to sit there in aw of this new little person the entire time. We have ours next Wednesday and I can't wait. 

I'm feeling really good, a little more back pain this week than before but nothing too bad yet. I discovered my first real food aversion in my history of being pregnant this week...chicken...mainly chicken I cook but it all smells and tastes like the chicken barn at the state fair to me. It's really disgusting! I don't know if you've ever experienced that smell, but it is absolutely horrible. That's why I'm craving cheeseburgers and fries all of the time...cause that's the good stuff! :)

In the last week I've had far less contractions then what I've normally been having. I'm hoping this means they'll die out and not return until she's closer to being ready to come out. I really enjoy not having to worry all day everyday. Thank you to all who are praying for baby Harper and I! We really appreciate it and are feeling very relieved that it seems to be getting better.

We bought a few things and received a couple of gifts for Harper this week! Makes me so excited to have her here, the clothes are so tiny and cute! Kaleb picked out this adorable onesie that says "I love Daddy"(pictured above on the right) and the leggings to go with it have a cute heart on the butt! We've talked about having that as her going home outfit because Kaleb loves it so much. It's a newborn size but it looks a little big so we'll see if she ends up even fitting in it. I have a feeling she's going to be very boys were only 7 lbs and 7 lbs 3 ounces so depending on when she arrives she may be even smaller than that...debating on getting her a premie sized coming home outfit since newborn stuff was always a little big on both of my boys. We'll see!

I found a couple of new tiny stretch marks this week! I only got a few on my sides with both of my boys so I'm hoping Harper doesn't pile em on this time around...Ultimately having a healthy baby is the most important thing to me so if I have to get a belly full of stretch marks in the process, so be it. In the meantime I'm loading up on the cocoa butter!

I feel her move a ton, but she is SO LOW! I hardly ever feel movement above my pant line...the only time I do is if I'm laying on my back. Kaleb has also been able to feel her wiggling around and he loves it! If he ever lays close to my belly she wiggles when he starts talking...they're bonding already. :)
I can't wait to see their relationship once she's here, he's already melting into a puddle over her.

Oliver and I have had a few conversations about Harper, I was trying to see how well he understood the idea of having a new baby in the family. I told him that when she's born it will be her birthday and after that she'll be coming home to live with us. I show him all of her little outfits and tell him that she'll be wearing them once she comes out of my belly. He seems to understand it really well and even acknowledges that my belly is getting much bigger. I told him that she'll be in there until she gets big enough and then she'll come out and be with us forever. We have plans to throw Harper a little birthday party the day she's born. I promised Oliver that he and the whole family can come up to visit her, we'll have a birthday cake to share and we'll sing "Happy Birthday to Harper". He's really excited about it and anytime I mention her he'll talk about the birthday party we're going to have.

Hopefully next week I'll have some cute ultrasound pictures of her to share! Please pray that the contractions continue to phase out and that Harper stays put for the next 17 weeks at least! Also pray we have a good appointment next week and get a good report of health for the both of us!! Thank you all for the sweet prayers, support, and sweet gifts! We are so blessed to have you guys!



  1. I agree! 20 weeks is definitely a big deal! You are lookin awesome my dear! Yay for cute ultrasound pictures!

  2. Found you through Mommy Brain Mixer! I love your hair!! and that cute lil bump gives me baby fever BAD!!!! I will definitely be praying for those pesky contractions to subside! I had strong contractions for WEEKS before having my second child... sorry you're having to deal with this so early on..

    Whitney @

  3. Oh my gosh, the idea of having a little birthday party for Harper made me tear up a little! I remember singing Happy Birthday to Miles on the day he was born. So so sweet and I'm sure doing that will help the boys transition into being awesome big brothers of a little sister!


  4. What a cute baby bump! Yay 20 weeks!!
    Found you via the Mommy Brain Mixer.

    Following via RSS cause my GFC doesn't want to work anymore :(

    Come say Hi at Raising Reagan!


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