Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weekly Recap

I am bringing back the weekly recap!! It's been far too long since I've thrown one together and I love having all of them to look back on! One word to sum up this last week would be.....HOT.....and I'm pretty much over it. Here it goes...

 My sweet Carter boy and I.
I melt.
We spent the day at my parent's house, the boys love playing in the yard, and that night we grabbed a quick dinner and headed to a worship service they were having at our church. It was awesome!

A typical Saturday for us always involves running to the bank, gas station, and grocery store. We got all of that done and had a special request from Oliver to go to the mall. Now for all of you that don't live here, our mall is not the greatest. We actually really enjoy hanging out there because it has just enough for us to really enjoy it with our boys. We stopped at the toy store, the pet store, and let the boys play on the little quarter slot rides that are strewn about throughout the floors. We stopped in Macy's to browse the baby girl section and ended up making our very first purchase for baby Harper!
The left is a little summer romper we found for $3! The right is an outfit set that Kaleb picked may be the coming home outfit, we'll see!
We decided to stop at the new Goodwill store we have here in Orcutt and ended up scoring on some great stuff! We got Oliver two shirts, Harper two dresses, and I got four shirts and a pair of maternity jeans! We only spent $20!
Pictured above are Harper's cute little dresses!! I love them!
That night we went to some family's house for dinner. Our brother in law Chris and our niece Bri were visiting for a day from Haiti and it was so fun to catch up and have dinner with them! I didn't get any pictures but it was really fun to see them!

We went to church just like we do every Sunday! After we got to go to lunch with our niece and brother in law before they had to head to the airport. We went for Thai food and it was so good!
That night we went for a little walk to Starbucks to grab a pumpkin spice latte (of course) and poor Carter was so tired that he curled up under Oliver and went to sleep.
Our double stroller is currently out of commission so we're improving. It works really well most of the time since the boys like sitting together.

My friend Lauren dropped off this sweet little dress for Harper while we were out that day so it was a nice little gift to come home to. :)

My sister came over to watch the boys for me while I went and had lunch with Kaleb at work. It was such a treat because I never really go out and do stuff during the day without the boys. It was nice to have a little date with Kaleb and be able to chat and eat uninterrupted. :)
That night we went to my parents house for a little football party. My Mom is a die hard Broncos fan so football season is always a big deal. We had pizza and my sweet brother made everyone coffee or hot chocolate to enjoy afterward with dessert (hot apple crisp...YUM). 
Carter's Halloween costume came in and he was ecstatic! He's on a Superman (or any of the Avenger superheroes as well) kick so this was very exciting for him. He slept in it that night and only took it off the next day cause it got to be so hot!

We knew the weather was going to be ridiculously hot so we planned a trip to the beach! Our friends Jerel and Melissa had also planned on going so we got to meet up and hang out with them for the day! It was so much fun! The ocean water here in Cali is FREEZING but when it's 90+ out it feels amazing to even just stick your feet in!

The boys LOVED getting dirty and playing (ankle deep) in the water. For some reason they're both really afraid of the waves and wouldn't go in very far, but that's ok with me! The tide was funky that day and the waves were pretty big so to me that's a healthy fear for them to have!
Melissa and I.
My sister Kylie and I.

The weather was so hot again....we live in an upstairs condo with no AC so we roasted all day long. We didn't do much but lay around all day; we had all of the fans going with all of the windows open but it didn't seem to help much.
Kaleb didn't make me cook since it was so hot! We decided to walk to Wendy's for dinner and thankfully it was air conditioned in there! 
Carter was people watching, specifically watching this little boy run around and he was pretty amused the whole time. I thought it was cute...
 The sunset was amazing! We got to enjoy it while we can kind of see the moon in this picture, but it definitely doesn't do it justice. It was gorgeous!
 We stopped at Wal Mart and got the boys some Ring Pops as a little treat. They loved it, of course.
This nasty demon spider was prancing down the sidewalk and I almost stepped on it!! Thankfully Kaleb saw it just in time to say something and I narrowly avoided it by taking a last minute extra long step. Thank goodness cause that thing was fat and juicy, I can only imagine the mess it would have left on my sandal. YUCK!

We got to spend the day with my brother and sister! We went to lunch and browsed around Target. The Halloween section and the toy section are the two favorite spots to hit every time we go in. 
Oliver as Captain America.
 We stopped at Starbucks to grab some coffee and let the boys play outside. I absolutely LOVE the Starbucks we go to, we know most of the people working in there and they love the boys so much that they give them free cake pops almost every time we go in or go through the drive thru. They're so awesome!
Oliver being between disobeying but still...

We had a great week even though it was scorching hot! I love making memories with the boys! I'm linking up with Life Rearranged for Insta-Friday!

life rearranged
All of the beach pictures were taken by my brother Tyler you can check out his photography blog HERE

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