Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekly Recap

The Weekly Recap is a brief rundown (with lots of pictures) of what our life has looked like in the last week! I love having them to look back on and read through...lots of good memories! I hope you enjoy following along as well!


It had been scorching hot all week and our condo hadn't dipped a degree below 85 in over three days! We had been home laying around (sweating) all day and decided to meet Kaleb down at the pool once he got home from work! The boys loved it and it was a nice way for us to cool off for a bit.

That night we ran to the store to get popsicles and enjoyed sitting around the table eating them together. It's always a bummer when your condo is a good 20 degrees hotter than it is outside, we were helpless.

We had plans to go to San Luis for the day and hang out downtown with my Dad, brother, and sister. The boys lounged around in my bed while I finished getting ready. :)
Carter and I in the car on the way to SLO! (he melts me)

Photo by Tyler Lee
We grabbed som burgers for lunch at The Habit...

Photo by Tyler Lee
Carter being silly waiting for the food...

Photo by Tyler Lee
This picture cracks me up!

Photo by Tyler Lee
Carter and I taking a picture with our Indian friend.

This is my brother Tyler. He's such a great uncle! He kept Carter entertained while we hung out at Starbucks.

Papa bought the boys cake pops and I snuck this picture while Tyler was having a little photo shoot with Carter. Look at that pose!

Ugh, this kid is ridiculously adorable!

Welcome to the day of craziness!
We got up early to go to the pumpkin patch for our annual trip to pick out pumpkins! This is me and my boyfriend...he had baaaaad breath. Get it? No? ok....

You can read all about our adventure HERE.

We then headed up to SLO for our sweet little friend Sterling's 2nd birthday party! The picture above is my sister Kylie, me, Rochella, and Crestienne (Sterling's mama). 

Kaleb and I as fugitives....the party was cowboy themed and SUPER CUTE!

Oliver sportin a mustache.

I stole this picture from my sister Kylie...this is my youngest sister Beth and my little Oliver with their mustaches. Priceless...

We headed back down to Santa Maria to attend one of our friend's wedding, our awesome friend Josh grabbed us some Starbucks, and we headed back in the other direction to attend the reception out at Avila Beach.

Photo by Tyler Lee
This is the only picture I have because we were busy wrangling kids and keeping them occupied until dinner was ready, but this is the reception site. It was beautiful!

We went to church like normal but only stayed one service because our church was having a bbq picnic right after and Kaleb had volunteered to help cook the food. The boys and I wandered around and played on the playground until the rest of the church showed up and it was time to eat. 
Photo by Tyler Lee
You can see me and my sister in the bottom left wearing bright colors...that was our table. The kids got to enjoy the bounce house and playground while we were there. 

Photo by Tyler Lee
They may have even gotten snow cones as well. :)

Our friend Josh, who's stationed in Wyoming right now, came out for the wedding so we got to spend some time with him while he was here! Monday everyone either had to work, go to school, or were out of town so Josh, my brother Tyler, and the boys and I got to hang out for the day and we started it off with a trip to Kay's Country Kitchen!
Photo by Tyler Lee
You can kind of see Josh on the far left shoving food in his mouth :) I'm at the top and Carter and Oliver are on the right. This is our table full of delicious food! Mmmmmm!

Photo by Tyler Lee
Oliver hammin it up...

Photo by Tyler Lee
And Carter...he was eating jam out the container with a spoon. What a weirdo.

We drove up to San Luis to hang out downtown. The boys got to ride around in the wagon, which is not the most maneuverable thing to drag kids around in, just sayin!

Photo by Tyler Lee
We ate lunch at The Habit again and got to see our friends Sterling and Crestienne before they left town! I should have grabbed a picture with them!

After walking around in the rain for awhile we decided to stop in Starbucks to warm up and dry off a bit! Pumpkin Spice Latte all the way!

Photo by Tyler Lee
The boys playing :) I melt...

Carter pretending the seatbelt was a phone on the drive home...

Photo by Tyler Lee
That night we went to Rooney's Irish Pub for the first time ever! Josh requested it since it was his last night. The food was good, but the company was even better.

Photo by Tyler Lee
Josh, Carter, and I didn't get the silly face memo.

Here the boys are trying to get in the "Leprechauns Only" door...

Carter was fast asleep on the car ride home and didn't wake up at all through his change into pajamas and move to his own bed. That's how we know he's tired...he NEVER does that. Lightest sleeper ever!

Pumpkin spice granola on top of pumpkin greek yogurt! THE BEST EVER! All from Trader Joes! I highly recommend you try some...

The boys enjoyed a nice warm bath!

And got all spiffed up...

10 seconds later Carter snatched Oliver's ball and they were fighting! ha

We went out to Panera and Starbucks for our last hang out with Josh before he caught his flight home to Wyoming! :( 

Came home and Oliver was really into dressing up in Daddy's stuff....
here he is wearing Kaleb's hat...

and wearing Kaleb's shoes...

We took a lazy day and decided to lounge around the house! Well I didn't just lounge, I cleaned too but the boys got to hang out and play.
Here they are Wednesday morning enjoying their milk. Yes, Oliver is indeed wearing the same shirt as yesterday...again it was a lazy day. :)

My sister came over in the afternoon because she had just gotten back from a trip to San Francisco and had a couple of little souvenirs for the boys. She got Oliver this pirate ship (pictured above) and he has hardly put it down since! Carter got this awesome bouncy ball with fish and glitter in it. He's completely obsessed with balls so this one was extra special!


Aunty KyKy also got Oliver this pirate santa shirt and Oliver couldn't wait to wear it! Here he is posing very proudly. We headed out to hang out at Papa's house for the day, came home for naps and dinner, and then the boys got to open a special little package from our sweet friend Melissa. She sent the boys ring pops and Halloween peeps with a cute little card! The boys loved it!

They got to bring their ring pops along for our little shopping trip to Target; blue faces for everyone!


  1. You are one busy mama! Do you live in SLO? My family is from Fresno, so we made many trips to SLO! And how close are your adorable boys? My two are 20 months and it is so busy at times but I like them close in age. And a third on the way? You are super mom!

    1. Busy indeed!! We're 30 minutes south of SLO but we go up there a ton to hang out! We love being up boys are 13 months apart and once this baby is born they'll be 3, 2, & newborn :) Having them so close can definitely be overwhelming at times but I love it!


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