Thursday, November 29, 2012

BUMPdate Weeks 25 & 26!


We hit the 25 week mark on Thanksgiving Day and needless to say I am very thankful for this little girl in my belly!! She is quite the active little baby, I'm pretty sure she moves way more than both of my boys ever did in utero. She really likes to hang out on my right side and stick her feet out into my ribs on the left. I actually watched her little foot move across my belly once this week, that was definitely a highlight!

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We had a little scare one day this week but everything checked out ok! Early Tuesday morning I had noticed some weird movement and it continued for a full 24 hours...not constant, but it would come in spurts every now and then. When I try to describe how it felt I totally sound a little bit crazy and my doctor even chuckled when I was telling him but honestly this is how it felt like Harper was shivering for 5-10 seconds at a time and it would normally happen three times in a row and continue on with normal movements in between. Weirdest things I have ever felt! I've never felt anything even remotely close to that sort of movement before and it freaked me out. To make matters worse I woke up early Wednesday morning to use the restroom and had 5 really hard, painful contractions in a row once I had laid back down. They were one right after the other and then completely disappeared. I called the doctor's office later that morning to explain what had happened and they had me come in to have an ultrasound done. Everything looked fine, Harper looked perfectly healthy, and he had no explanation for the weird movement. She hasn't done it since and I hope she never does it again!

The pounds are starting to pack on, I can totally tell! We haven't been walking as much since it gets dark so early; we find ourselves wanting to lay around or go to bed early because we're so tired. This is not good for my pregnant little body, up 16 pounds so far BOO!


One week away from the third trimester!! Sheesh the time is flying by...It's only going to go faster from this point on too. We better start getting ready for this little girl to arrive!
I had my monthly doctor's appointment and passed my glucose test with flying colors! Last time I was one point over the limit and had to have additional blood drawn which came back normal but still I was hoping it wouldn't be the same this time! Harper's heartbeat sounded great! She's nice and healthy in there still...

The doctor ordered a couple of tests to check my heart rate to make sure it's not affecting the blood supply to the baby. Starting tomorrow morning I'll be wearing a Holter monitor for 24 hours which they'll review to see how high my heart rate gets and what kind of arrhythmia it is I'm having. I won't get the results from that until December 12th.

I didn't have any contractions besides braxton hicks this week which is great. I hope it stays that way for at least 10 more weeks. I'm still feeling great, not too uncomfortable yet but I can definitely tell my belly is growing a ton this week! That just means Harper's getting bigger and I'm ok with that! I do need to get back to walking more...I have been so lazy! I'm up one more pound this week and I'm trying to avoid gaining a ton more between now and birth day but that doesn't mean I'm laying off the cheeseburgers. :)


  1. Seriously, how can you be so freakin cute while pregnant? I looked like someone was going to harpoon me at any second. It's also nice to hear that the time is flying by for you. Typically we hear about how it's the longest 40 weeks in the history of the world. (At least, it was for me). Enjoy and rock those sassy outfits - you hot mamma you!

    Tracy @

    1. haha! Well thank you!! I'm feeling the weight start to creep on and that doesn't feel very cute! :)

      My first pregnancy seemed like it took forever!! My second was a little quicker but this one has seriously gone by in a blink!!

  2. Congrats! You're a champ for dong it three times! Little girls are the best. Visiting from the mommy mixer

    1. Thankfully I have had really easy pregnancies and deliveries or else I think I'd be much more hesitant to do it over and over. I do love my babies though :) Always worth it!

  3. Don't get too stressed about the weight gain- you look fabulous! Eat when you're hungry and stay active and you'll be golden! :)

    Found your blog through a blog hop!


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