Thursday, November 29, 2012

Weekly Recap!

November 16-23, 2012


We got to have a date night!! We went to Panera for some soup and salad ( YUM )!

Followed up with some BOGO holiday drinks at Starbucks!

To conclude our date we stopped to pick up the double stroller we had ordered. YES! This thing has made my life so much easier when I have to run errands! Totally worth the investment. 

We had fun that night staying late at my parents house, goofing around. That's my sister and she's the best.


We went out to run our weekly errands. The boys enjoyed munching on banana chips and watching the rain from the comfort of their car seats.

Hostess may have gone out of business but my Aunt Tami and I will survive because Little Debbie still has her Swiss Cake Rolls!

We got home, the boys, took their nap, and were able to enjoy some cupcakes as an afternoon treat!

We decided we had to take advantage of BOGO holiday drinks once again so we grabbed a couple and headed to the mall since the weather was perfectly rainy for that.

Have I mentioned that I love my stroller?? Kaleb's not convinced yet, but I love it!


After church we enjoyed lunch at my parent's house and then sat down to watch some football. Kaleb and Oliver really enjoyed sipping coffee and looking through toy ads together.

Ok so one of them was mainly there for the whipped cream...but still.

We once again hit up BOGO drinks.... I know, we're obsessed!

But we can admit our obsession and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon!

That afternoon my Mom asked if we wanted to go get pedicures...UM YES! So Kaleb offered to let me go while he took the boys home for a nap and play time. He's seriously the best!

I got my Thanksgiving festive color and felt very refreshed once it was over!

We stopped at Michael's Crafts before heading home and obviously had a little too much fun.


We lounged around the house doing laundry and cleaning up. This is Carter being crazy and standing on Daddy's chair...he likes to jump off of it.

We had to stop at the post office in the mall so as a treat for being good the boys got cookies. They were happily stuffing their mouths!

While I made dinner Daddy and Oliver looked through a leather catalogue. They're little buddies and I think it's the cutest.

After dinner we had gotten a cake pop kit so we decided to try it out. It was really just a browning kit with sticks and they didn't turn out the greatest but the boys still enjoyed them! I took one bite of mine, it fell off of the stick, and Carter snatched it and stuck it in his mouth faster than it took me to realize what had happened. Little stinker.


We have a joke in our family about Carter playing football. If the boys ever do anything girly (like put on a headband or necklace...whatever) my Dad says "Get him a football quick!" and is always making references to "when they play football". So I snapped this picture just for my Dad because Carter actually had a football this time! ha

Oliver is such a little ball of personality but he doesn't like to show it off unless he's in the comforts of his own home (or at my parent's house) so I love when I can capture a bit of it on camera. This is one example.

We tend to hang out and browse Target a lot...we like it and always have a good time doing it. This time we stopped at the food court because Oliver requested a pretzel with cheese. Sadly they informed us that they discontinued their cheese and weren't going to sell it anymore. We decided to grab a cinnamon pretzel instead but we're still a little sad about it.


This is the only picture I took on Wednesday! How sad is that?? I was really tired and not wanting to do much of anything so we lounged around the house all day and I'm pretty sure we hung out at my parent's house for a bit. Other than that I don't remember anything eventful happening.


THANKSGIVING!! I did a more detailed post with lots of pictures HERE.

I love having these weekly recaps to look back on and read through! These boys grow up too fast!


  1. I love all these pictures so much!
    Coffee made a guest appearance in a lot of them! Someday we will drink coffee together. At Starbucks. :)

  2. Love all these pictures. so cute! You are adorable. stopping by from instafriday


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