Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

The boys had been looking forward to dressing up and going trick or treating ever since we mentioned that it was coming up! Carter is a huge fan of Halloween decorations and absolutely loved seeing all of the pumpkins and things that were strewn about people's front yards and porches. 

I threw together a last minute "kitty cat" costume. I came home and decided I would dress up and the boys thought it was really funny. I woke up today to get ready and they were asking me if I could dress up like a cat again. ha!

Here's our little family! Carter couldn't wait to get his mouth on some candy.

Carter's reaction to some carved pumpkins!

Oliver trick or treating. My mom got them these glow stick swords that they loved!

My Dad dressed up as a pirate!! Oliver was so impressed...

Carter struttin his stuff down the sidewalk. He looked so tiny and cute walking from door to door! I couldn't get over it!

Oliver was so cute with his little mustache.

My sister and I!

Kaleb and I...I told him we should have been Katniss and Peeta this year...darn!

I'm not sure if these are considered our "funny" faces or our "attractive" ones...I'll let you decide. :)

The Kitty and Superman!

Me, Carter, Kylie, and Oliver (with Papa in the background) enjoying some trick or treating!

We had so much fun taking the boys out, I'm sad it's over! We can't wait for next year!

A few funny little moments from our night...

**The first house we walk up to for trick or treating, Carter walks right into the house and makes himself at home! He was also the only kid to get a candy in each hand. SCORE! He obviously knew what he was doing.**

**Kylie: "Oliver, are you going to get some candy?" Oliver: "And a bottle of rum!"**

**Kylie: "Ahhh, Oliver your lollipop got in my hair!" Oliver: "Your hair just wanted a lick!"**


  1. Just found your sweet blog! So excited to follow along:) Congrats on baby #3!!!

  2. haha... "your hair just wanted a lick"... best quote ever!
    you should check out my photo challenge at
    These photos would fit in perfectly with this week's theme "Trick or Treat" :)

  3. Love these pictures--and your cat outfit!
    You look absolutely stunning in red lipstick by the way. Just thought you should know! ;)


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