Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekly Recap!

Here's a little rundown (of mostly pictures) of our life in the last week!


The belly!!

My sister got this "Christmas skeleton" (as Oliver calls it) shirt for Oliver while she was up north and he couldn't wait to wear it! This is him showing it off.
We stayed home most of the day and hung out at Papa's house for the afternoon before naptime!


I decided to wear lipstick for the first time in awhile and the second I walked into the boy's room to get them out of bed Carter couldn't stop staring. He said "blue lips!" while pointing to my face.

We had some fun with the macbook...this kid melts me!

My brother Tyler Lee took this picture and also the one below...we hung out at Papa's that afternoon to let the boys play outside.

Oliver sporting his favorite batman shirt! He was also wearing a large beaded necklace backwards because in his little imagination it had something to do with being a pirate.

That night we walked over to meet my family at the pizza place, it's become our Friday night tradition. After that we stopped at Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte (yum!)!!

Carter really enjoyed it. :)

We then walked to Target, browsed the Halloween and toy sections, and walked home. I think we walked a total of 5-6 miles that night. This prego Mama was tired but it felt good to get some exercise!


Apparently Carter really like my lipstick the day before because he decided to find it and apply it to his own lips while I was getting ready for the day! Little stinker....but he was being too stinkin cute to get mad at him! He cocked his head to the side, smiled, and said "Pretty!". How do you get mad at that?

We headed out to run our errands for the day. Carter was cheesin it up in the back seat!

We stopped at the mall to walk around a bit and I got to wear Carter. I LOVE wearing my boys and I've been limited since this belly has started to grow so this was special!

It was so hot! This may not have even been the highest temp for the day either...

We stopped for lunch at Wendy's (my favorite) and Kaleb had a baby sized cheeseburger. 

After some naps we headed out for a walk, here are the boys holding hands in their stroller! Cutest thing ever...

Kaleb and I <3

We went to church but kept the boys with us instead of letting them go to Sunday school since they were still getting over a cold. I had Carter attached to my hip all morning.

After church we had lunch at Red Robin with my family and my Mom brought the boys a few little gifts.

One of those gifts was Elmo slippers for Carter! He is absolutely in love with these slippers and smiles the whole time he's wearing them!

We went out for a walk that night, stopped at Starbucks for some coffee and then Wendy's for some fries.

Carter and I hung out and watched Toy Story together!

Photo cred Tyler Lee
We went to Papa's house to play for the afternoon!

Photo cred Tyler Lee
Carter was watching a movie and his reactions to certain scenes were so cute!

Photo cred Tyler Lee

That afternoon, while the boys napped, I sat down to crochet and enjoy the rest!


I made some headbands!! I'm selling them for $10 each +$2 shipping and right now I'm taking color requests! Let me know if you would like one and what color you would want! I can make any color upon request...

This was what I made for dinner that night! Caesar salad and broccoli/cheese penne pasta. YUM!


HALLOWEEN!! Post on that HERE. I threw together a last minute "kitty cat" costume and the boys loved it!

Carter was Superman!

My sister and I....a kitty and a pirate.

Superman enjoying a lollipop.

Oliver boy was a pirate (just like he is every year).

We had an awesome week full of busyness! I can't believe it's already November! Hope you all had a good week as well!

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  1. That is a super pretty shade of lipstick! Love Carter's lipstick picture -- haha, sooo cute! You totally can't get mad at that little face. I also love his "Christmas skeleton" shirt -- too cool!


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