Sunday, March 24, 2013

Big Sur On A Whim

I was having a stressful day at home with the kids on Friday....well it's not just the in general lately has been way too stressful. Kaleb text me from work saying "hang in there we're going away for the weekend". I had no idea where we'd be going or what we'd be doing but I was so excited just to go away and explore somewhere new. 

I packed our bags and had everything ready. Saturday morning we got up, ran to the bank (like we normally do), stopped for coffee, and ran into Mcdonald's to let the boys play while I fed the baby. While we were there we decided we'd be going up north to Big Sur...Kaleb found a great lodge online and called and made reservations for that night right before we hit the road. 

Hittin the road!

We stopped on the way up Highway 1 to see the elephant seals...

My favorite quote.... Oliver: "What do elephant seals do?" Carter: "Pee and poop!" Oliver: "Yah just like YOU in your diaper!"

My heart melts....I love these four people!

We got back on the road and drove a ways before deciding to stop at Ragged Point hoping to let the boys run around while I fed the baby but there was a wedding going on and they had everything blocked off. We settled for ice cream and root beer instead. 

We really enjoyed the gorgeous views on our drive up! We want to go back up when we have more time to make more stops to get out and walk around more. Someday...

We made it to our lodge, checked in, and settled into our cabin. We got a two room little cabin with a fireplace and we were so excited to use it!! A fireplace is the one thing we wish we had at home so when we have access to one we take full advantage of it! Before we got too settled in we decided to head out and explore a bit before dinner. There were a couple of short hikes right by our lodge and we decided to try the one that took you to some waterfalls. 

We didn't end up making it all the way to the falls because it started to get dark, but it was fun while it lasted. It also made me realize just how out of shape I am! Yikes...

Harper, my sweet little hiking buddy.

We headed back to the lodge and had dinner by the Big Sur River. They ended up having live music (a saxophone player) that the boys loved listening to! The food was delicious, I ate a short rib with veggies, Kaleb had fish and chips, and the boys got grilled cheese with fruit cups. The Big Sur Lodge was great all around and we're planning on making a tradition out of going back every year!

The boys enjoying dinner by the river.

We went back up to our cabin, got into our jammies, and sat by the fire.

Kaleb sat down with the boys to tell them bedtime stories. He's such a sweet Daddy and the boys loved his version of "The Three Little Pigs: Baker Edition". 

The next morning we packed up, checked out of the lodge, and headed into the national park. We drove through to scout out all of the good camping areas for future reference and stopped to play down by the river. The boys loved it!

We slowly made our way home, enjoying our drive down Highway 1 and soaking in the scenery! It was a gloriously relaxing weekend that was much needed and I'm sad that it's over. We will definitely be going again!

Road trippin!


  1. Wow!!! It's beautiful! Just breathtaking! Makes me wish we lived on the west coast! Plus also, then we could be real life friends! ;) so glad you were able to enjoy a getaway. It is much deserved and sounds like you needed it! Sorry things have been stressful :/

  2. Fun! We just love driving down to Big Sur! We've never stayed down there, but we may have to check out that lodge. It looks fantastic!


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