Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Baby Harper's First Month

I simply cannot believe that my baby girl is one month old already. It feels like she just got here but at the same time I feel like she’s always been a part of our family. It’s funny how that works.

At one month old she is probably right around 9 pounds, I’m just guessing because she hasn’t been weighed since she was two weeks old. At two weeks she was 8 pounds 2 ounces and has definitely been going through a little growth spurt. She squeaks and grunts when she sleeps and it may be one of the cutest things ever. She’s just now fitting into her newborn clothes a little better but a lot of it is still too big for her, my little peanut. She is a pretty good little sleeper…she always sleeps in at least three hour stretches with the occasional 5-6 hour stretch (heavenly!). She naps in her bed during the day really well and lately has been eating every two hours (growth spurt I tell ya).

She’s starting to grow out of her hair. No, her hair is not falling out but her head is growing and her hair hasn’t gotten the memo yet. The same thing happened to her brothers and my guess is she’ll be a blondie in the next few months. Her eyes are a dark blue and I’ll think they’ll stay that way but we’ll see!

I was really expecting her to throw us for a loop. Third baby…my first two were easy babies….the third one has to be the crazy one right?? We have been majorly blessed! She is such a sweet and calm little girl so far! I mean her arrival did spark a whole new level of energy in our older two so that’s been a little crazy, but thank you Lord for an easy newborn! Makes my day much more manageable! I have developed a slight obsession with Starbucks coffee as of late….of course I’ve always loved Starbucks but in my mind it’s almost a daily necessity…I better work on that one…I don’t think my husband will let that one slide for much longer…

I’m soaking up every minute of this sweet little girl. It goes by so fast and she is growing so quickly! I selfishly want to keep her little forever….

I love you so much Harper Everly!

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