Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The First Week of April Recap

April 1st-7th, 2013

We had a pretty uneventful day at home, we didn’t go anywhere or do much of anything until we had to pick Kaleb up from work to take him to the chiropractor. He’s been going three times a week so it’s turned into our Monday, Wednesday, Friday tradition.

It was definitely a second cup of iced coffee kind of a day….no shame in that!

After the chiropractor we came home, made and ate dinner, and decided to go for a walk to Starbucks. We sat outside and let the boys play after a yummy cake pop treat. They loved it. 

We spent the day at Papa’s house since I went running with my sister and we were home in time for the boys to get a nap in the afternoon.

Oliver had gotten in trouble for something and his form of punishment was not being allowed to play with any sort of weapon for a few days…this was the confiscated weapon stash from JUST my parent’s house…sheesh!

Pictured above is Harper and I’s nightly cuddle sesh before bedtime. So sweet…


We got up and enjoyed some breakfast…this was a momentous occasion that had to be documented…my boys don’t normally eat a whole lot at any one meal, they like to try and get away with snacking all day. For breakfast that morning they ate the ENTIRE container of Greek yogurt between the two of them…that thing costs like 5 bucks! To the poor house we go if they keep up that craziness…

Harper got lots of brother cuddles once they were finished eating. The boys love to stop and check on her or give her kisses while they play, it’s really sweet.

That afternoon Oliver had his first dentist appointment! He was really excited to go and handled it like a champ! He got his x-rays done and got his teeth cleaned. He felt like such a big boy and got to leave with a coloring book and a balloon.


We started our morning out by going to Papa’s house so that I could go running with my sister. We ate lunch, showered, and got ready to head up to SLO for the day.

I had a couple of gift cards to Forever 21 that I had gotten for my birthday so we made that our first stop! After a couple of hours of shopping there we drove downtown to hang out in Starbucks for a bit. It was a really fun relaxing day hanging out with all of my siblings!

That night we picked Kaleb up from work and he surprised us by taking us to Olive Garden for dinner!! It’s one of our favorite places to eat and we don’t get to go there often so that was a treat.


We decided to have a day at home to relax so the boys got to finish up their breakfast sitting on the front steps together. They loved it and were giggling to each other the whole time.

We decided to head outside and blow bubbles, which was most definitely the highlight of their day! I wish I could have bottled up all of the giggling that was going on cause it was awesome!

We came inside and decided to color some Toy Story coloring pages together. The boys had a lot of fun doing that and naming each color they chose to use.

We ate lunch, watched a movie, and the boys went down for their afternoon nap. While they were sleeping I got to enjoy some leftover Easter candy, Les Mis for the first time, and some sweet baby cuddles!

Once the boys got up we had planned on going to the park for a bit before picking Kaleb up for his chiropractor appointment but it ended up being way too windy! So instead we burned up some time by stopping at Starbucks instead….totally a legit excuse right??


We loved spending our Saturdays walking all over town before I got pregnant with Harper and this was the first Saturday since I had her that we were able to do that for the entire day. We started out by walking to the bank and decided to head over to Starbucks to grab a drink and let the boys play outside like they normally do. We always walk past the See’s candy shop but never go in. This time Kaleb surprised us by taking us in to buy some chocolate. As soon as we got in line a lady came up behind us and said “This might sound weird but my friend wants to buy your family some chocolate!” and she handed us money to do so….sweetest lady ever! She stood and talked to us for a few minutes and admired the kids. She was very nice!

After Starbucks we stopped at one of the parks nearby to let the kids play and I’m so sad that I didn’t get any pictures of them. They were able to do some rock climbing and playing on the playground. We decided it was time for lunch because everyone was starving so we headed over to one of our favorite places, Wendy’s, and indulged in some delicious chicken sandwiches! YUM!

Here’s Oliver looking cool while we wait for our food.

We stopped at a couple of stores on the way home to look around and we were pretty much worn out from walking all day. We must have done about 6 miles worth of walking that day.

Kaleb stayed home with all of the kids to give them baths and watch a movie while I ran to the grocery store. We normally all go together but I’ll admit it was a little nice to have some alone time even if it was just the grocery store!


We went to church Sunday morning like we always do, had lunch with my family at Red Robin, and headed home to relax for the afternoon. It was so great cuddling with Harper and chatting with Kaleb while the boys napped. We left the slider open to enjoy the fresh air and it was wonderful.

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