Thursday, June 13, 2013

Our Monday thru Friday

June 3-7, 2013

Here's a little glimpse (of pictures) into our life this last week!
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The boys decided that Harper needed toys to play with so they brought her a ton of their favorites to share with her.

Carter and I...he loves playing cars which is what he was doing here.

Daddy loves coming home to his little girl and Harper loves having him home. 

I started a "quote book" for Carter this week! I've had one going for Oliver over the last year and it's so fun to read back on!

Harper loves laying in my lap after she eats, it's such a sweet time that we get together.

This is what typically goes on at home. Both boys are wild and crazy, jumping off of furniture, and just being well, boys.

We celebrated National Donut Day! Not going to lie we kind of turned it into National Donut Week which may extend to Month. I don't see a problem with this.

While we were there a nice police officer came in and gave Oliver this badge which he was very impressed with. I gave him the name Officer Mctootson because well....I don't think I need to explain really.

We spent some time at Papa's house. Above is Harpy with her Pops.

Carter had to go to a doctor's appointment and he ended up with a finger prick and a shot. He cried for neither of them and he very much enjoyed his ice cream cone treat afterwards.

The life of a little sister...She napped while the boys propped all of their "weapons" up against her seat.

More of Harper sweetness resting on my lap...she's irresistible.

Harper has become completely obsessed with sucking her thumb this last week! We've never had a thumb sucker before so this is new (adorable) territory for us.

We went out for a walk to let the boys run wild and free to burn off some energy. While they did that us girls hung out on the side and enjoyed the view.
The sky was absolutely gorgeous and the boys were able to literally roll around in the dirt. We all loved every (freezing cold) minute of it.

Harpe and I watching the boys play at the park's kinda what we do these days.

Oliver loves cuddling with Daddy once he gets home from work especially if it's during a movie. Movie watching is Oliver's favorite thing to do!

Harper woke up so very happy on this particular morning! She normally wakes up happy but this day was over the top. I loved it!

Us girls ready for the day which turned out to be a dud because the boys desperately needed naps! Oh well, this is real life. :)

The two smallest fell asleep in the car on the way to the park so Oliver got out, pitched a baby tent, and scoured the landscape for sticks and pine cones. He had so much fun but was ready to have his brother awake to play with him!

Check back tomorrow for a recap of our weekend!

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