Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Never Long Enough Weekend

June 15-16, 2013

Daddy likes to make pancakes on Saturday morning and this week Oliver requested a "bear pancake"...

...and Carter got a "car pancake". 

We went over to my grandparents house for an early Fathers Day celebration...Oliver decided to make a gun and a sword out of the Legos my Grandma had pulled out for them. 

We had a super yummy BBQ lunch! It was amazing!

We had to get our car smogged so we made the most of that one hour wait by walking to Starbucks (for a frapp of course) and letting the boys play outside. 

Once we got home the boys STILL had a ton of energy to burn off so we released them outside to run, play, and wrestle. 

Cart ended up getting tired and decided to plop down on the sidewalk with his bear to "nap". He never fell asleep but it was cute!

This is pretty typical...Cart is a blurr cause he never stops moving! 

Sunday morning we decided to grab some donuts and sit outside of Starbucks before heading off to church. The boys had fun and thoroughly enjoyed every sprinkle. 

Harp lost interest in watching the boys play once she remembered that she didn't get a donut and wanted her breakfast. :)

Oliver made this card in Sunday school for Kaleb and it totally melted our hearts! "I love you because...." It was so sweet!

We had lunch (and more donuts) at my parents house after church....

My parents got this awesome play mat for Harper and the boys love showing her all of the cool toys and lights. It entertains all three at once! Perfect!

We ended our weekend with a movie and popcorn...but normally no one else gets much popcorn when Oliver has control of the bowl. He gets it from his Daddy and Grandpa Baker. 

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