Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Never Long Enough Weekend

June 22-23, 2013

Saturday morning snuggles are a favorite around the Baker house...especially because they include Daddy. It's the only day out of the week that we get to enjoy just laying in bed and snuggling up. The best...

We decided to adventure up to SLO for the day with no real plans. We decided that our first stop should definitely be for bagels at Panera! The boys were pretty excited and thoroughly enjoyed every bite of their cinnamon crunch 500 calorie bagel. 

When we go out that in no way means the energy level of these boys go down...

Apparently the world is their playground...it's kinda crazy (in a cute sorta way but probably only to us). 

Our next adventure was taking three kids under 3 to the movies. Pigs must have flown cause everyone enjoyed it and it was one of the best things we've done as a family in awhile! Harper was even into it!

So this last week may as well be "donut week" and it didn't stop over the weekend. SLO Donut Co is too good to pass up these days so while we were up there we took advantage! (Don't tell anyone that I ate 4 donuts this weekend)

I think Harper knew she was missing out on something amazing...

That night we had my whole family over for a BBQ and then headed over to my grandparents house for dessert. Lots of family fun. 

Sunday afternoon I took my sweet Carter boy out for a little mommy date and it was the best!! We went grocery shopping, stopped and got fries and a milkshake, and ran a couple more errands together. He was so sweet and loved getting attention for other people while we were out. He was hammin it up! I love how much he's talking now!

While we were out I caught a glimpse of the hills right outside of town and they were gorgeous! This picture doesn't even do them justice! So grateful to live in such a gorgeous place!

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