Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Monday Thru Friday

June 17-21, 2013

Started the week out with a kick....not gunna lie I'm kinda into the 70's look right now. 

"Goggle boys" made an appearance while we were playing at Papas house for the day. 

My little sister Kenzie and I decided to scrape out change together and make a Starbucks run. It was dee-licious! 

Baby Harp fulfilled her daily obligation to be cute, of course. 

We headed up to SLO to celebrate Kenzie's 14th birthday!

There were donuts...

....and shopping....and also coffee but that wasn't documented. 

One day this week Harper decided to wake up before 10:30 am (!!!!!) so we got to snuggle before the boys got up. 

Oliver likes to sit out on the patio in the morning because "it's so warm, Mom!" He takes after his daddy. 

This kid is such a character...

Carter joined in on the sunglasses fun and he thought he looked pretty cool. He did. 

These two seriously love each other! Sometimes I get a little teary watching them interact, I can't help it!

I have to share this one cause, well...he melts me. 

Baby girl got plenty of Daddy sweet!

Seriously, this girl has the funniest faces! These were all in a matter of funny! 

My sisters each had a friend over to swim one day this week but let me tell you...two kids who can't swim and an infant who just wants to be a part of everything is so very stressful! If anyone has helpful hints or tips for pool days I'll take em!

We celebrated 5 years of marriage last week! Anniversary post can be found HERE. Our date ended up being a total flop so we're trying again soon to (re)celebrate. 

We ended our week with a trip to the park with Papa and Auntie Tinney. The boys got lots of energy out and brought home plenty of dirt. 

This is Carter's "I'm so tired but must keep playing" face. 

Also, no Friday is complete without a trip to Starbucks. Just sayin!

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