Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Some May Cuteness Part One

I have been so limited on time to put together regular "Weekly Recaps" so here is a condensed version for the entire month! Get ready or picture overload....

We love family walks and try to go at least a few times a week. One night we were out and about and ended up stopping at a park we normally just pass by and decided to let the boys loose at the skatepark since no one was around. The boys had a blast and have been begging to go back!

We had my friend Kaela's daughter over once a week for a few weeks and she was the best little buddy for Carter! They loved playing cars together and giving each other hugs (obviously ^^).

We had  a couple of really warm days this month, we live in an upstairs condo which gets really hot plus we don't have a yard. We decided to work with what we had (a patio and a hose) and make the most of it! The boys loved it...

We had a family picnic at the park one night which was really fun! The weather was perfect and the boys loved getting to play right after.

Daddy has made special pancakes for the boys a couple of Saturday mornings this month. The one pictured above is "Mickey Mouse".

We headed out to walk the Bob Jones Trail in Avila one Saturday. We tried to let the boys play at the park once we got to the beach but it was too cold and windy. Oh well, we got exercise anyway!

I got to go on a date with my cutie cute husband! We went to Olive Garden and feasted....I ate my entire plate of food! It was too good to stop...and we stopped at Starbucks for coffee and dessert.

We had a SLO day with my Dad, sisters, and brother. We had fun grabbing lunch, Starbucks, and Jamba Juice. 

Frappy hour with my sister! You can't resist half off frapps! You just can't!

Of course lots of this goes on daily! Baby cuddles are simply the best...

We have been potty training this month so being housebound has made us a little crazy!

Some of May Cuteness Part Two coming tomorrow!

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