Thursday, June 6, 2013

Some of May Cuteness Part Two

Since we've been potty training and staying home so much movie watching has sadly been a must around here. These are the boys "Lion King" watching faces.

Survival means lots of coffee these days...just keepin it real.

This is Carter's "I just pooped on the floor and I know it" guilty look. Yes, he pooped on the floor...several times. 

Harp playing dress up. The cuteness kills me...

We converted the boy's cribs into toddler beds! We've already switched Carter's back to a crib ha! but he can climb in and out of it so it's kind of pointless. Oliver does great with staying in his bed though.

Oliver has started wearing pirates hats again here and there and I absolutely love it! He used to wear them all day everyday and it was my favorite little Oliver quirk. 

The boys get wild being stuck inside all day. They also get creative in what they play with.

Carter in underwear = the cutest ever!

We spend every Sunday afternoon at Nana and Papa's the boys are singing and performing on their fireplace.

Here's Harp loungin on the couch with Papa enjoying some TV.

One of the boy's favorite things about Papa's house is exploring the yard...makes me really wish we had one for them to play in!

Carter took some pictures of us. He was very focused on pushing the button ha!

Harper helped me with my endless loads of laundry. Cutest laundry partner around!

Oliver's loves to build towers out of blocks. He gets very upset if any are out of order or get knocked over.

I may or may not have raided the little girl's clearance section of Target... $2 shirt? Yes, please!

Carter loves to lay in Harper's bassinet. A lot of times I'll find him laying in it parked in front of the TV. Silly kid.

Oliver is at such a cute age right now. I seriously love this kid!

We've been frequenting the park lately since the weather has been (relatively) nice and this is my chubby ball of cuteness of a view.

"Some of May Cuteness Part Three" coming tomorrow...

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  1. How is the PT going? We are on WEEK 3 and still having accidents. I am thinking we need to postpone for a few more weeks :) Oliver is fine when he doesn't have underwear on but has accident after accident when he wears his frustrating!


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