Saturday, December 28, 2013

BUMPdate: Twelve Weeks ::Baby Number Four::

This is picture is pretty outdated seeing that I'm two days shy of fourteen weeks along now, but better late than never! Plus I don't think my belly is too much bigger now so you'll get the general idea. :) I still feel nauseous here and there which is definitely the longest my nausea has lasted in the history of my pregnancies. Not the funnest thing ever but it could definitely be worse and I'm grateful that it's not. I'm pretty tired but honestly I don't think that it's just because I'm pregnant. Running after three kids three and under all day AND growing a baby has me pretty exhausted by bed time. Despite being super exhausted and ready for sleep by 8 I have had the hardest time getting good sleep. I toss and turn a ton and have to get up and run to the bathroom at least three times every night. Good sleep has not been happening which is also something I didn't have to deal with in my last three pregnancies.

This pregnancy has been unique to my other three for sure so I do not even have a guess as to what the gender of this sweet baby may be. I'm hoping we'll find out soon but I'm not sure when my next ultrasound will be. Oliver wants another baby sister and Carter just mentioned the other day that he'd like a baby brother. They're both just excited to be welcoming another baby and they both have a pretty good idea of what's going on. When I came home from my last doctor's appointment Oliver excitedly asked if they had gotten the baby out of my belly. He's anxious to meet this baby. :)

I can't guarantee frequent updates but I'll do my best. I love having these to look back on and read through but lately I have had ZERO down time. Life has been insane! Who knows if life will slow down (probably not).

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  1. Congrats!! I didn't know you were expecting again. Wow. Number 4!


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