Tuesday, February 11, 2014

BUMPdate 20 weeks

I guess it's about time I update you all on baker baby number four! We're halfway done already! How did that even happen!?!

The nausea has stuck around much later this time around but I'm starting to have a lot more feel good days than feel bad days. I know that with being pregnant and taking care of three kids this is a give in but I am exhausted! Sleep hasn't been the greatest lately but every few days I end up being tired enough to where I sleep solid and wake up so refreshed! I think I should probably just get used to being exhausted since I'm sure that won't be changing anytime soon. 

We found out at 17 weeks that we are expecting a little baby BOY! His name is Sawyer Leedan and we are so excited over this blessing! Harper will be well protected and loved growing up with three brothers. 

I ended up switching doctors this pregnancy and I am SO glad I did! My new doctor is so amazing and I feel completely confident under his care. He's very informative and understanding which are two things I absolutely did not get last time. He's a breath of fresh air for sure. 

I'm a little sad at how fast this pregnancy is going. I'm trying to enjoy every second of being pregnant and the last few months of Harper being my baby. I can't wait to meet our sweet new boy but I do know that our family dynamic will change once he's here and never be the same. Not in a bad way at all, we are very excited for what's to come. I adore the newborn stage and I cannot wait for the labor and delivery experience. There is absolutely nothing like anticipating and meeting your baby for the first time! I wish I could experience it a million times. 

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