Sunday, March 9, 2014

Harper Turns One!

March 3, 2014

I sincerely cannot believe that my baby girl is already one year old! How did that even happen?? I feel like I was just anxiously awaiting her arrival and now she's this happy walking almost toddler! My heart aches with the passing time but swells with how much joy she brings to our family. I wish I could slow time way down but in the meantime I try to enjoy every passing second!

Harper Everly started walking one week before her birthday! She says lots of words, waves, claps, blows kisses, LOVES animals, adores her Pops (my dad), and cannot get enough of her older brothers! This girl is quite the eater these days as well...she, at most meals, eats more than both of her brothers combined and is always begging for snacks in between meals. She's just now starting to gain weight after being in the fifth percentile for most of her first year. 

She notices my growing belly and really gets a kick out of my protruding (about to burst) bellybutton. She lifts my shirt up, pokes it, and laughs. I love this girl so much! She is definitely my little buddy. I cannot have even dreamed up a more perfect baby girl, she really has been a dream baby. She has slept great since birth, starting at 6 hour stretches, and has only woken up since then if she's sick or cutting several teeth at a time. Even then, she just wants me to cuddle her back to sleep and goes back in her bed. That's only happened maybe a handful of times in the last eight months. For now she has her own room but once here baby brother gets here she'll get to share a room with her older brothers (which she is going to love) until Sawyer is sleeping through the night and on the same sleep schedule as her. 

You can read her birth story HERE !

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