Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Month of April Highlighted

The month of April started out with a bang(s)...yep, I got my hair done. I hadn't professionally colored it or gone lighter for that matter in 6 years. So refreshing!

This months included lots (and I mean LOTS) of Costco food court trips because well....they have the best ice ever! And it's super cheap to feed our family dinner. Win/win.

We got our first order of Honest Co. diapers/wipes!! We love them so far and I'll definitely be ordering more from them. If you're interested in subscribing click HERE . I get a $20 order credit per referral and I'm going to be needing lots of diapers in the next year! Help a mama out. :) Please and thank you!

I love this little sassy boy.

As this Mama gets more pregnant we definitely leave lots of room in our schedule for lazy pajama mornings. They come complete with cuddles and lounging around watching movies.

There were plenty of cake pops consumed this month. Here are just a few pictures to prove it...

...and there was the occasional trip to the donut store but anyway MOVING ON!

We enjoyed some park days.


New pj's from Nana.

Above are just a few of Harper's birdy watching faces. She stands at our screen door to watch and listen.

We got to enjoy a couple of date nights this month...
One with our favorite third wheel while my brother and sister in law took our boys out to dinner.

We visited Kaleb at work a few times and enjoyed a family walk out in the sunshine.

We had made plans one day to head to the beach with some of our good friends but as we were getting on the freeway my car decided to shut off at a stop light. Thankfully it restarted and we haven't had a problem with it since but I didn't feel safe driving it 25 minutes out of town by myself with the kids. My sweet friends came and picked up my boys to take them for the afternoon so that they could still enjoy the beach. I was sad I couldn't go but they had so much fun!

They even spoiled them by taking them to the Avila Valley Barn for ice cream. The joy on Carter's face is undeniable. :)

While they boys were out Harper and I got to enjoy some time together! We sat in Starbucks for a bit and indulged in some treats. It was so fun having one on one time with her.

One Sunday afternoon, I was completely exhausted, so Kaleb took the kids out to a local kite festival and bought them a kite to fly since we do live in a very windy city this is pretty practical entertainment. 

The kids had so much fun! I am so grateful for my sweet husband who will not only take them out so I can rest but finds so much joy in bringing our kids joy!

Easter!! This was the best family picture we could get but that's fine, it pretty much sums up the stage of life we're in right now. :) We did Easter baskets for the kids, church, and lunch at my parents house. It was a fun day and the kids are still talking about it.

 We browse Target for fun...a works out well with the whole popcorn/soda thrill as well as browsing the dollar spot and toy sections. The kids don't even need to buy anything, they just play with it in the store and get their thrill. Perfect.

We had a mall day one afternoon complete with cookies and lots of running around. The perks of having a lame mall that no one else wants to shop at is it being pretty empty in the middle of the week!

 We entertained the idea of building the boys a set of bunk beds but ended up deciding against it and buying a set instead. They should be here this weekend! Woo!

We visited an indoor bounce house place on an afternoon that was far too hot for the park or anything really. This place was semi air conditioned at least.

Post jump sweat and smiles.

Harper's diva-ness is always a highlight.

We're not quite used to it being just short of 100 degrees here in our coastal town so when it is we go all out with slurpees and lollipops.

Yeah she was pretty happy about that extremely large cup of sugar slush.

Yeah this post was pretty much full of sugar but hey we do eat a little healthy every once in awhile! Here's Oliver enjoying his much anticipated avocado!

Hey Harp it's May 1st today...that means we're having a baby next month. Yah I know I feel the same shock and awe that you do baby girl.

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