Monday, April 28, 2014


There are very few days where I can say "today was easy". Having three kids 4 and under with another on the way is, I'll be honest, super hard most of the time. "The days are long but the years are short" could not be more true for our family. I just want to document for the memory books how amazing today has been. Today is the first day in as long as I can remember where I can honestly say "today was easy". Everyone has been calm, I woke up feeling refreshed, the kids have all had amazingly good attitudes, they haven't been whiny, they've been completely compliant, they didn't completely trash the house, nap time was a breeze, and we even got out of the house for a few hours.

I've struggled so much lately to feel like I'm enjoying my kids rather than just feeling completely defeated and irritated with the whole parenting gig. Lately we've been totally struggling with the kids whining about every little thing, nap times have been a battle to enforce, and getting them to eat meals let alone anything decently healthy without it being a huge drama fest has been impossible. 

So today...

This beauty woke up at 8 (an hour or two earlier than normal) which worked out perfectly because we all got to eat breakfast together. I turned on a movie for the boys so that I could get my Monday laundry haul started while Harper played toys. 

By 10:30 Harper wanted to take a nap so I put her down and worked on some more laundry while the boys calmly kept watching their current favorite show "Curious George". I was able to get lunch made and on the table for them...

They ate veggies when I asked them to without a single complaint !!!! (This never happens people) and I was able to reward them with a pack of gummies after they finished which is something I love doing! I love being able to surprise them with something special to reward them for good behavior without having to bribe them with it first. Honestly, for most people this might seem like no big deal but for me it was SO refreshing. 

You also really can't be having a bad time when you get to look over and see this sweet and silly face.

or these cuties....with food in their teeth and all.

Bath time is normally such an ordeal, and it ends up killing my back so most of the time I rush through it just to get it over with. Today I took my time, let her play, and watched her explore and learn. She even said a new word "bubble" and it was the cutest thing ever. She enjoyed being lathered and massaged with soap and warm water and when we were done she cuddled right up into my arms to keep warm. Her sweetness is something I never want to forget. In the meantime the boys remained calm (never happens) and didn't wreak havoc while I was busy with their baby sis.

We had to make an unexpected last minute trip out of the house which is normally super chaotic and stressful but today everything flowed. I was able to get ready for the day (which normally doesn't happen once all 3 kids are up) and get all of the kids ready without everyone whining and losing it over not getting their pants on right, or having to wear shoes and socks, or whatever else gets complained about when getting dressed every single day. We stopped at Starbucks as a treat because I want them to know that I appreciate their good behavior, that I do enjoy them and love them, and their good attitudes don't go unnoticed or get lost in the frustration and distraction of the bad behavior. I hate getting to the end of the day and feeling like there was no positive, I didn't show them grace and love enough, and that they feel weighed down by my expectations. Every day feels like survival mode...survival mode gets really old really fast. Not just for me but for everyone in the house and I hate it. Sure more crazy days are ahead of us, days I completely fail, days they fail, and days where we scrape by just to survive it but today was lovely in every single way and I want to remember it. Today was easy. Today won't be everyday and that's okay but on the occasion that today does come around I want to remember it and cherish it.

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  1. I love having one of these kinds of days! I'm like you; I want to have more days that I actually enjoy and stop and smell the roses rather than those that I barely scrape by trying to survive.


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