Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weeks 2 and 3 of May Highlighted

We started off our week with a family trip to the beach for the first time ever. And we live in California 20 minutes from the beach!

 Besides it being really windy, it was a ton of fun. The kids love the sand and water.

For Mother's Day we went to church and then out to lunch at a yummy Mexican food restaurant with my entire family. Photo creds to my brother who took Harps out for a little walk after we ate.

In the car while we were waiting for lunch these two were cuddling and melting our hearts with their cuteness.
Carter had been wanting a Spider Man cup for awhile now and we just happened to find one at Target on clearance. He was so excited and can we just mention how grown up he looks in this picture??

I took all three out to run errands one day so we stopped at one of their favorite places, the dollar store, and they each got to pick out a toy for being really good. Carter chose a ball and Oliver chose his current favorite thing, spiders.

Kaleb had a meeting late one night so we decided to have dinner with my family while he was gone. We ate outside because the weather was so warm and it felt amazing! Harps decided to eat her burger alone to enjoy the beautiful sunset. :)

We've been having a heat wave and our upstairs condo has been miserable so we've been finding ways to escape it and cool off. My sister invited us over to the house she nannies at for some pool time in the backyard.

Harps would occasionally get a little wet to cool off but was all about this playhouse most of the time. She was loving it.

 Poor Harps had rosy red cheeks from the heat but she looked so darn adorable.

That night we enjoyed the amazing weather hanging out with our neighbors (photo creds to Jaime for all of these pics!!). The kids love their dogs and getting to run around and we love getting to chat and hang out.

On the days where I was too tired to get the kids out we survived the heat by laying around watching movies...

sipping ice water...

and cuddling...lots of cuddling.

On the hottest day of the week (105!!) we escaped for a fun day of adventure. Our first stop was lunch!

Then cookies and coffee for Mama.

And our final stop was the beach. 

Let me just say, it is not easy getting my preggo self, three kids, and stuff down to the beach by myself but it was worth it.

It was still hot but it was nice to have the option to cool off in the water. Harps was staying hydrated.

 I got flowers from my boy one night.

Oliver tracked down his favorite bottle design. ha!

And we've consumed LOTS of popcorn lately.

I'll just got ahead and wrap up this post with this bit of cuteness. I mean come on Harps, you're adorable!

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