Friday, July 22, 2011

Oliver The Cute

June 2, 2011

We had a great three day weekend with Daddy! On Monday we spent some time together at home and enjoyed each other's company. Later in the day we went to Oliver's Nana and Papa's house for a bbq, which was very fun. I think Oliver got quite used to Daddy being home because come Tuesday, while Daddy was at work, he asked for him pretty close to twenty times throughout the day. I just say "No Daddy's at work he'll be back later" and Oliver understands and carries on with whatever he's doing. 
The last few days have been so awesome. Let's just say I am completely spoiled with these boys! They both have been sleeping from nine at night to nine or ten the next morning! WHAT?!?!? That's over twelve hours!! I know, I know! And I get to sleep in! S-P-O-I-L-E-D for sure...
Carter is starting to talk and smile a lot more. He likes to fold his hands in front of him and absolutely loves being held, and definitely prefers if you hold him while your standing up! He's a picky boy that one is, although he likes to cuddle but has no problem being laid down for bed at night. Hallelujah! I will hold you all you want during the day if you go to bed and sleep without a fight at night!
Oliver is a talker. He speaks English and Olivernese... today he came up behind me while I was doing laundry and said "Mama, blah blah blah blah blah!". I have no idea what it meant, but he obviously was telling me about something in his own little language, it was so so cute. The other day Aunt Beth said "look at the baby owl!" and Oliver said "Baby owl!". It's really fun to hear him put two or more words together at the same time, he's starting to act and sound like a little boy instead of a baby. I can't stop and think of how fast he's grown and how fast he'll keep growing for too long or I start to tear up. Why can't I keep him little forever!?!?!
The boys have started to interact with each other a little here and there. Oliver thinks it's hilarious when Carter "talks". Right now he calls him "Tarter" and has never acted out or gotten upset with him. He always looks at him with a smile on his face, he very obviously loves his little brother. I'm so glad the transition to brotherhood has been incredibly easy so far. It didn't even phase little Oliver boy. 
Oliver's favorite thing recently is finding things to pretend like he's playing guitar with. Tonight he found an Elmer's glue bottle and held it right and made guitar noises. Today we went in Auntie Kyky's car to run some errands and on the way home Oliver started singing very softly to himself and it was probably the sweetest thing I've ever heard! We all turned around and looked at him and he just kept going like he didn't even care that everyone was watching him. He was just happy and wanted to express it. My heart melted. To know that my children are experiencing joy and happiness is so refreshing. It brings me so much joy. I really hope he does that again soon.... 

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