Friday, July 22, 2011

Sing To Me Baby Oliver

June 4, 2011

Oliver has started to sing a lot more lately and it is the most precious thing you could ever witness. One day this week he sat in his car seat and sang softly to himself in his own little language. PRECIOUS!!! And a couple of days ago while we were having lunch with Daddy at work he started singing the Jonah song... "Jonah! Jonah!" I said "What?? Your singing actual words?!?!". I was so excited and it sounds so cute!
Carter is going through a crazy growth spurt... he's been sleeping 14+ hours at night (I have to go in and wake him up in the morning!) eating every 2 hours and has been super cranky (mainly in his car seat--which is normally when he fusses but lately!!....yowza! my ears are still ringing!). 
The last couple of mornings when I go into Oliver's room to get him up he welcomes me by saying "Dada!!" and laughing... um no son I am your Mama and yes you know that but your just being silly... and when I go to grab him he drops to his mattress and lays his head down! He just wants me to sit next to his crib while he plays! It is so funny! So I do and eventually we get up and go about our day. I'm not going to say I hate it, it's actually really sweet and precious. I love that he loves his crib.
He's been using a regular chair at the dinner table instead of his high chair and he loves it. It makes him feel like one of the big people, that and his chair wiggles and makes noise on the tile floor which is quite appealing to a sixteen month old apparently. He does really well with it. 
Today we went to SLO with Papa and Kyky, ate some Chino's, got some coffee, and enjoyed some wait for it.... FREE DONUTS!!! It was National Doughnut Day so of course we celebrated!!! Oliver ate 1 1/2 of wow son may be you should slow down a bit on the sugar intake! 
This entire week went by way too fast and now it's the weekend. We get to spend time with Daddy hooray!

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