Friday, July 22, 2011

Oh The Joys Of Having Boys

June 9, 2011

I feel like Oliver has been a ticking time bomb for a major boo boo. Today alone he hit his head really hard at least three separate times. He came out with a huge bump and a couple of bruises. He has been falling all over the place lately, I think he may be growing. Not much of an appetite, very sleepy, and very clumsy. I mean if you offer him a cookie he'll eat it of course, but anything else he will just pick at it, take a couple of bites, and move on. 
Lately he's been putting two to three words together at once and it has got to be the cutest thing ever! Apple juice, baby owl, Kari's house (when we arrived to see Aunt Kari--he loves going over there!), and others that I just can't think of right now. Lately he's been absolutely loving his crib. When he wakes up in the morning or from a nap I'll go in to get him and he sits down every time I try to grab him and just starts playing with his toys or asks me to read him a book. And by read I mean point out all of the cool animals that are in whatever book we're reading. He likes to say what each animal is and make whatever noise that specific animal makes. He makes a really cute noise and does a funny arm thing when he sees an elephant, same with a tiger and lion. 
Recently he has become a lot more social than he has been in the past and I absolutely love it. For example tonight at Aunt Kari's house he was doing things over and over just because everyone in the room would laugh at him. He never used to be that way, he would always be very quiet and serious. This new side of Oliver has been really fun. He has also been enjoying other little kids. Anytime we're in a store and children walk by he gets really excited. We walked over to Kenzie and Beth's school to pick them up and when we strolled through the sea of children he started shrieking with excitement! I have a feeling he's going to love school someday. 
Little Carter boy has been watching his big brother a lot lately. He lays in the middle of the floor and watches Oliver walk all around him and studies his every move. It's really cute to watch. He's also been very talkative and seems to be getting more and more content in his car seat, thank goodness!! He's growing  like a weed. I hold him all day everyday and I am really noticing how heavy he's starting to feel. I mean, compared to his brother he really is a little peanut, but he's definitely growing. The other morning I went in to check on him thinking he was still asleep and was surprised to see him wide awake, happy as a clam, looking around, and making happy noises. As soon as he saw me he started trying to scoot over (on his belly) trying to get to me! It looked like he was going to get up and crawl, craziest thing ever. It was really sweet.
Here's a picture of Oliver enjoying his crib and Carter being a happy boy.

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