Monday, March 26, 2012

A Random Update on Life

March 26, 2012

I'm going to write about some of my random favorite moments from the last couple of weeks and post some of my favorite pictures taken recently! I love watching you boys grow and learn new things and I don't want to forget them!

I'll start with Oliver.....

Here are some of my favorite pictures of you from recently.....

Chapstick! You love it! But we have taught you the difference between "chapstick" and "lipstick", don't worry! You call it "mistick".

You are always a pirate and you always pick a "poop corner". It never fails you always let us know when you're in your special corner plus, it never really smells that great either so we'll know either way :)

Coffee! We let you have a taste and you love it! You are your parent's child! We don't give you much, but you really enjoy it.

Morning cuddles! One of my favorite parts of the day. Every morning you wake up early to come in and sleep with me after Daddy leaves for work but before brother wakes up. It's so precious.

You came to Papa's sunday school class with us because you were sick so Nana entertained you by drawing "pirates" at your request. She loves you!

You were playing in the toy room one day and when I walked in to check on you I found you in your toy basket. I asked you to get out and you quickly replied with "But Mama! I in my pirate ship!". Always.... that is you're pirate face.

We've had some very lovely weather recently so we've been going on daily walks. One day we went out so that you could run around which turned into rolling in dirt and grass and laying down in the middle of the sidewalk. You loved it.

This picture is from one Sunday morning that Daddy brought you breakfast in bed. You had nutella all over your face and you were kicking back watching a movie. Too cute!

If you're not wearing a hat, you're wearing a headband! But only because Captain Jack wears a headband under his hat so not to worry, you're still a pirate!

This picture is from exactly one year ago! My how you've grown! Funny that this is you at the same age that Carter is right now. So many differences!

I'm pretty sure you've entered the full blown stage of "terrible two's"! Don't worry, we still love you and we always will but I will say you've been quite the challenge for us. Especially for me staying home with you all day! You've developed this great technique of completely tuning us out when we call your name or ask you to do something. You just act like you never heard us and do the opposite of what we asked you to do. It's only a stage and we love you just the same. 

You're vocabulary really is amazing for your age. You speak in full sentences all of the time and can communicate anything you need or want and even explain to us what you're pretending or imagining. That's always really fun to listen to. I love getting a glimpse of what goes on in your tiny little head!


Here are some of my favorite pictures of you recently........

Wearing brothers hat....heart melting.

A few Sundays ago you wore a bow tie to church and let me tell you! It was THE CUTEST THING EVER!!! I could barely stand how cute you looked!

I mean come on! Look at that!

You were too much to handle. I loved it!

You are WALKING now!! You're still pretty wobbly, I like to call it your "zombie walk" cause that's kind of how it looks. You want to run after your brother very badly and when you can't quite keep up you'll hop down into your speed crawl still, but you're getting there!

You were playing with Aunty KyKy's headband the other day while we were hanging out at Starbucks and you were thrilled with taking it on and off and sucking on it. :) 

Lots of finger chewing going on lately because I'm pretty sure you're getting some new teeth in. In the meantime, its adorable. 

Sitting out in the sunshine is one of your favorite things. We sat out with Papa on Friday to enjoy the warmth and to watch brother play in the grass.

Great Grandma Treva sent you some money for your birthday and you picked out this huge soft teddy bear that you absolutely fell in love with! You always cuddle with him and rub your face all over his soft belly. It's one of your favorite toys.

This picture is from exactly one year ago! You've changed SO much. You weren't even a month old yet. You are now starting to say more and more words, you walk, and have even been entertaining your brother pretty well lately. He normally thinks you're boring :)

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