Monday, March 26, 2012

We're still a bunch of sickies

March 26, 2012

We are still fighting illness in this household! In the last month (maybe month and a half) we have had four ear infections, two stomach bugs, and three bouts of possible pink eye and that's only between you two boys! Daddy got pretty sick the week we went to Disneyland with a really bad sore throat that we had thought was strep, but thankfully turned out to be fine. I am so grateful that besides constant sickness both of you sleep great at night. Oliver has had a few rough moments where Daddy gets up to sit with you until you fall back asleep, but that's been the worst of it.

Saturday Carter took a turn for the worst as far as discomfort and was crying constantly throughout the day. Our doctor's office couldn't get us in and instructed us to head over to urgent care. That we did and sure enough another ear infection. I am REALLY hoping the doctor doesn't suggest that we put tubes in. I would be a very sad Mama to have to put you through that. This is your third ear infection since february sad.

At Urgent Care and thankfully you slept the whole time we had to wait! That made things much easier!

Church on Sunday was so great. We kept you both out of Sunday school because obviously you were still sickly and you both slept on us while we sat on the floor in the back of the church to listen. It was very peaceful and we enjoyed it very much!

Oliver sleeping with Daddy.

Carter sleeping with Mama.

Monday we laid low and hung out at home all day in our pajamas. Carter slept a ton and Oliver was a wild man tearing the house apart. We had fun with a dance party in the living room to worship music, mac n cheese for lunch, and feasted on chips and dip. It was a pretty good day (besides Oliver being a menace) :)

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