Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Week...

April 1-5, 2012

Sunday: We had an amazing Sunday afternoon! We had lunch at Nana and Papa's house and spent the rest of the afternoon at home drinking coffee and eating cream cheese coffee cake (yum!). It was so relaxing and such a great time with the boys. They love being home.

Oliver loves his coffee. He only gets a very small cup each time, but it's his favorite!

Daddy's silly. Oliver's sticking his face in his cup. :)

Monday: It was really cold and windy so we weren't able to go out for any walks. We stayed in watched movies and cuddled all day. Those are some of the best days! Not gunna lie you boys get pretty restless if you don't get out of the house at all, but I've come to terms with the house being torn apart in order for you both to get your wiggles out. 


Silly faces.

Daddy sent me this picture from work that day. It's one of my favorites. He's so cute. :)

We cuddled some more before bedtime as a great end to our day.

Tuesday: Oliver, came in for our morning cuddles and fell back asleep. I love when he does that. He, of course, slept with his pirate hat and "pew pew." Always. For lunch we went to Daddy's work to spend some time with him. It was fun to be able to see him in the middle of the day, we haven't done that for awhile and we were reminded that it needs to happen much more often.

Sleepy pirate boy.

Playing in and throwing dirt.

Oliver couldn't have been happier. Probably could have played there all day.

Carter loved exploring the grass with Daddy.


They both loved the dirt.

Wednesday: We had to visit the doctor for baby Carter because he had a weird rash that we weren't sure about. Turns out he had an allergic reaction to something (we have no idea what) so we were glad to know it was nothing contagious or crazy. You never know with these boys these days, bunch of sickies! 

Thursday: This was our "Friday" since Daddy was going to have a three day weekend for Easter. We stayed home and enjoyed napping and watching Finding Nemo together. This is the "favorite movie" in our house right now. Even Carter has been really into it.

Since we live right across the street we always walk over to K-Mart to browse the toy section just for fun. Daddy got me a Monster (the energy drink) and we had this conversation...

Me: Oliver it's a drink called Monster.
Oliver: Ooooo. I want a lion drink.

So funny! The only reason we were talking about it was because that was the only thing we bought so he was curious as to what was in the bag. It was hilarious.

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