Monday, April 9, 2012

A Weekend Celebration

March 31, 2012

The Saturday right after my birthday Daddy treated us to a SLO day where we had lunch and Mama was able to go shopping with some gift cards! It was a really nice, relaxing day and it even started raining while we were there. I love the rain.

First of all, I actually did my hair and makeup for this precious little outing. Woo!

Secondly, I loaded my purse up with the perfect snacks (thanks to Aunty KyKy and her genius gift giving).

We had lunch at Panera (again-my favorite!). Daddy and Oliver's "pirate faces". Cracks me up.

Mama and Carty. He was very intrigued by the lamp on our table.

Oliver loved the kids section at the Bible book store. He had a blast playing with the stuffed Larry and Bob from Veggie Tales.

And last of all I was able to enjoy a couple of hours in Forever 21 while Daddy and the boys napped in the car. It was a win/win for everyone.

We stopped at a couple more stores (and Starbucks :) ) before heading home. Many great memories from that special day. We headed back and enjoyed a yummy dinner with the families from our Bible study. It was perfect...

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