Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Babies...Ok Fine Toddlers!

April 19 & 23, 2012

These babies, who are now toddlers, are growing up too fast! Here are some updates on Oliver at 2 years 3 months and Carter at 1 year 2 months.


He is still a crazy pirate boy obsessed with all things pirate! He has a very good vocabulary built up for his age and talks in full sentences and can tell stories and sing songs word for word. Uncle Ty Ty taught him how to say "haberdashery" which is really cute. Nana just bought him the Veggie Tales pirate movie and he's obsessed, he calls it "the pirates who don't do anyfing". One of his favorite activities is to go out in the backyard at Nana and Papa's house, where they have been digging up the grass, to stand on top of the huge dirt mound and play with the dog.

He has really developed a great love for his little brother in the past month and is always asking me to go and get him if he's sleeping in his crib. When little brother wakes up Oliver squeals with excitement and squeezes him to death.  Most of the time he just loves to lay right on top of Carter and squeeze him out of love, but with him being so much bigger than Carter it can be a bit dangerous for him. :)

He loves to cuddle with me in the mornings after he wakes up and in the afternoon before he takes a nap on my bed. It's one of the most precious and sweet times that we have together. Up until a few months ago he was never the cuddly baby type but now he asks me to cuddle. No matter what I'm doing I'll stop and lay with him when he asks. How long will he be wanting to cuddle? And what could be more important than showing him how much I love him? The dishes, laundry, and other housework can wait! I hope this stage lasts a very long time. I love it.


He is walking all over the place these days! He loves this new found independence and takes full advantage of it. He gets really excited when we go out for a walk and he actually gets to get down and run around. He tries very hard to keep up with Oliver and has made some pretty good progress in getting quicker.

He can say quite a few words but is not too big on using them too much yet. He says "oh my" "oh wow" and "num num" the most. He tries to bark when he sees a dog and squeals when he sees birds anywhere close. He has really started to become a picky eater. If you don't give him the exact thing that he wants at that moment he will take nothing else, it's quite ridiculous. If its candy or donuts he'll eat them at any time of the day.

He really admires his older brother and will sit and watch him to learn and copy everything that he does. He gets so excited when Oliver shows him any sort of affection and really loves when Oliver gives him kisses. They could play together forever in the playroom and sit in the tent together reading books.The boys are now both sleeping in the same room and love it. They play and talk with each other each night before they fall asleep and again after they wake up in the morning.

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