Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Favorite Time of The Week

April 21-22, 2012

Of course, we love the weekend! Kaleb gets to stay home for two days, we get to enjoy the great fellowship of church and learn from God's word, relax, and enjoy spending time with family. It's never long enough.

Saturday we took our morning walk to the bank. It's something we do every Saturday morning and occasionally we'll stop at Starbucks on the way home to grab a coffee.

After that we always go grocery shopping and the boys get a nap somewhere in there. This week we stopped at my parents house and the boys got to stay and play for a couple of hours while we finished the shopping and unloading. They never want to leave if we just "stop by" they have too much fun with everyone over there. It's understandable. :)

We took the boys to the mall because we needed to stop at one of the stores there, but we couldn't leave without getting some really delicious treats at Gina's Piece of Cake!

The boys enjoyed an "elephant ear"

Mama and Carter enjoyed a cheese danish

This picture melts me. Oliver was playing peek a boo with his hat and was absolutely cracking up at himself. It was great. Not many people see this side of him, it's precious! I wish he would show it more often!

We headed back to my parents house after the boys napped for some pizza and a movie. We saw the newest Mission Impossible for the first time and really enjoyed it!  It was a great end to our Saturday.

Sunday we got up and got ready for church. Lately we've been bringing the boys into the service with us because we really enjoy going in as a family, but this Sunday we let them stay in Sunday school because they love playing with the other kids. After church we went to lunch with my family and enjoyed some yummy food at Arby's! (One of my favorites :) )

Carter's smile with those's too much!

That afternoon the city was having a kite festival at the park right up the street from our house. We somehow missed last years and decided that we should try it out this time. It was so much fun. We walked over with two of my little sisters and my brother. We just happened to find our good friends the Shaw family and got to sit and chat with them for awhile. We had a lot of fun watching all of the kites. Oliver saw a pirate ship kite for sale at one of the booths and really wanted one! Maybe someday...

There were a ton of people there and so many kites flying at once!

Me and my little sister Kenzie. Kaleb on the right admiring the kites. :)

My sisters and brother ended up coming over to our house for the rest of the afternoon to hang out and spend time with the boys. It was such a fun and relaxing afternoon! We're already looking forward to next year's kite festival!


  1. Just started following your adorable blog and loving your admiration for life with your boys. I too, love being a Mama to my sweet little guy. Loving the hats that Oliver wears....where do you get them?

    1. Oh thank you Kristina! Being a Mama is one of the greatest blessings! Oliver is convinced he's a pirate which is why he wears so many hats :) He's gotten a few of them from different people in my family, one of them is mine. He got one at Target with some birthday money he had and one at Disneyland. He pretty much wears one all of the time, even to bed!


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