Monday, March 17, 2014

BUMPdate 25 Weeks

Twenty-five Weeks
Six Months and One Week

I absolutely love being pregnant. Everything about the entire experience is amazing! I will admit being pregnant along with having a sinus infection and three sick babies is very challenging and frustrating and draining but we are on the mend!

I simply cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has been going. I have a feeling I'll be saying the same thing when I'm holding a brand new baby boy in my arms in just a few months. We had a checkup last week and everything looks great! Sawyer boy is so wiggly that the doc can never get a heart rate reading on him. Every time the doctor manages to find his heart beat Sawyer flips over to the opposite side trying to get away. He's obviously very healthy and strong in there!

One thing I've been really enjoying and soaking up are this little boys movements. I love every kick, flip, hiccup, and elbow. I think he's been staying head down the majority of the time now but he does still flip around. I've been feeling his little feet pressing out against my hand and it blows me away every time! I can actually feel his little heels and toes! I absolutely love getting to bond with him in this way and I feel like I already know him without ever seeing his face. I really hope we get a good sneak peak 3D ultrasound next trimester of his little face.

Bending over is getting a little rough with having a basketball sized belly now and my back has been starting to hurt more but that's to be expected especially with this being my fourth pregnancy in the last 4 1/2 years! I'm crazy excited to meet him but I am also enjoying every second of these last few months!

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