Thursday, April 24, 2014

BUMPdate: 30 Weeks

Here's the belly in all it's extremely large glory! I think baby boy is starting to shift down cause I am definitely feeling all of my back pain much lower than before. He must be going through a growth spurt right now because I am always hungry and I've pretty much been consuming waaaaay too much sugar. Like 3 krispy kreme donuts at a time, mass amounts of Easter chocolate, ice cream sandwiches, and well you get the picture. Speaking of sugar I've been completely procrastinating on my glucose test. Like, I should have done it six weeks ago procrastinating. Here's the thing...does getting three kids 4 and under up first thing in the morning, dragging them down to a lab, and wrangling all three for 1-2 hours while getting a stupid test done sound fun to anyone at all?? No? Yah I've definitely been putting it off. I've never been positive for it and quite frankly don't have any signs indicating that I do have it this time so I'm not rushing it. I'll get it done!

We got to go in for an ultrasound yesterday at our doctor's visit! It was so awesome to see this cute little boy and in my opinion he looks just like Harper did in her 3D ultrasound at 32 weeks! We'll see what he comes out looking like in real person! The ultrasound made me even more excited to meet him! We saw him opening and closing his mouth, wiggling around, and apparently he really likes to be curled up into a tight ball because his legs were right up against his face (you can see it in the picture above). They assured us that everything looked great and healthy, he's measuring exactly on track, and he is definitely still a boy. We go every two weeks now!

I have been a nesting monster lately! I clean the kitchen and vacuum the house at least 3 times a day and if I don't it drives me insane. I love having everything clean and spotless which is literally impossible with three kids running around, and our condo is bursting at the seams needing to be purged and organized. I made a list of things I'd like to get done before Sawyer is born and Kaleb thought it was the greatest thing ever. He was genuinely giddy and excited reading through it and couldn't wait to start crossing things off. I mean seriously?? SCORE! So far we've replaced the screen door on our slider, moved the second crib into Harper's room, washed/organized all baby clothes, got a new vacuum (glory glory!!), cleaned out the van, replaced our broken toilet, and plan on building bunk beds for the boys *hopefully* this weekend. There's still more on our to do list but I am super excited over all that we've accomplished so far! I'll admit that I am a psycho nesting pregnant lady. Kaleb claims that he loves it so I hope he's not lying. :)

Besides packing on the pounds lately (which I hate but can't complain seeing that I eat any piece of sugar in sight), my back hurting, and not getting much sleep I seem to be doing pretty good. ha! Time has flown up until this point and I'm kind of expecting time to start crawling by any day now. The more miserable I get, the slower time moves but I am trying my hardest to enjoy every (even uncomfortable) minute because I know I won't be pregnant forever and may never get this experience again. Which despite being uncomfortable and fat it does make me sad to think about. Plus having a new baby and experiencing meeting that baby for the first time makes every second of misery and pain totally and completely worth it! I can't wait!

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