Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Month Of March Highlighted

Why not kick off the month with Mama/baby matching slouch beanies??

On March 3rd Harper turned one!! We had a fun little birthday party with family. Harper was SO shy when everyone sang her happy birthday and of course indulged in her own little cake. You can read her birthday post HERE if you missed it.

My friend was due any day with her first baby boy and I got to make him a custom blanket for his room! It was such a fun project for me, my first baby blanket ever!

My boys love bringing me flowers while they're outside playing. It's one thing I try to never take for granted because I know soon enough they'll outgrow it and I'll miss it.

Carter and I spent one Saturday afternoon running errands together! We stopped at Starbucks for treats first and then he helped me with grocery shopping. I love having one on one time with him.

That afternoon I got to go and meet my friend's brand new baby boy!! He is so sweet! I'm very excited for them and I can't wait to introduce him to his BFF Sawyer in a few months. 

So all three of my kids decided to get sick at the same time. They all got this terrible cold that left them with congestion, coughs, fevers, and sad little eyes.

First Harper was diagnosed with a sinus/ear infection so she was put on antibiotics...

Two days later this boy was crying in pain saying that his ear hurt (which he never does!) so I took him in and he only ended up having an outer ear infection which seemed to clear by the next day.

Praise the Lord for my sis and her amazing fiance! They had plans to go to the beach in Santa Barbara that Sunday and asked if they could take the boys with them. It worked out perfectly because Harp was still so sick, the boys needed time out of the house, and we had so many errands to run that day. It made the day so much easier!

 One morning I was really frazzled with the kids going stir crazy inside, trying to get everyone ready, and keeping Harper's fever controlled all while making it to a doctor's appointment for her. Well it turns out I walked right out the door without grabbing any of my keys! No house keys, no car keys, and on a day that Kaleb was so busy at work he couldn't even answer his phone. FANTASTIC! Thankfully my Dad wasn't working that day and managed to find 3 car seats and ran over to pick us up. He totally saved us!

Harper seemed to be getting better over the weekend with her antibiotics but come Monday morning she woke up with a high fever so I took her in to get her checked. Turns out the antibiotics weren't working AT ALL and she was only getting worse. The next step was to start a 3 round course of antibiotic shots (poor baby) so we ended up in the dr's office for a visit everyday for the next three days. It's safe to say she's now traumatized of that office. She ended up running a fever of 104 throughout the entire treatment and if she would have had a fever for half a day more they were thinking of hospitalizing her to run tests. Thank the Lord she broke her fever at the very last minute! She's been great ever since (minus cutting 6 teeth at once).

 Once all three kids were finally healthy we made sure to get out of the house and enjoy some sunshine!

Cali baby all the way.

And more park days followed...

Complete with capes and swords.

This is Harp's new face which is too cute not to share!

Carter is so into his baby brother! He can't wait until he gets here. He always ask how baby Sawyer is doing and wants to feel him kick.

"Take a funny pitcha of me Mama!"

Oliver hanging with some manikins...

Carter decided his bellybutton plays great music...

and he takes smoothie drinking very messin around.

Besides the sickness the month of March was super fun! It also included me turning 26 but I'll save that for another post!

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