Friday, May 9, 2014

The First Week of May Highlighted

Our church threw a luncheon for all of the Mom's who've recently had a baby and/or who are currently expecting a new baby as a way to get to know each other and the nursery staff who take care of our babies each Sunday morning! It was really fun to go and it was also really fun to pack each kid a little lunch. I might end up being that mom who send their kid to school with love notes and heart shaped food, just sayin.

We had a heat wave and our top floor condo gets scorching hot so Harper and I decided to send this picture to Daddy at work letting him know we were surviving. Sweatily surviving.

The poor kids were all sweating just from being upstairs so I let them play with/drink ice water and they pretty much loved it.

That night we babysat our sweet little buddy Miles for a couple of hours and I think it's safe to say that Harper adores him. We did discover her to be a little paci thief though that little stinker.

Friday we got packed and ready to go away for the weekend and in case you missed it and are interested, you can read about our weekend HERE

My awesome family took all three kids for the weekend so that we could get away and I got lots of cute pictures, like the one above, of all of the fun they were having!

We also sent them some pictures of cool things that we'd see that reminded us of them which my Mom said they loved. 

Sunday afternoon was spent together after not seeing each other for two days. It was a great weekend away but it was also good to be back together again as a complete family.

We're all really enjoying "frappy hour" at Starbucks this week...even Harper.

That night we set up the boys new bunk beds! It was time to upgrade them to twin beds and we need to start saving some room in our little condo so bunk beds was the logical way to go. They love them!

Monday morning I got a crappy (literally) "welcome back to reality" and got to stay home and clean up poo all day. The life of a mom I tell ya...

I did get to enjoy this girl's cuteness all day though and she was very happy to be back home with her Mama! That's my girl!

We tackled the dreaded grocery shopping that night which we all pretty much hate but the trip is made better when you get to "drive" your cart. 

After being locked in and having a crappy Monday I took the kids out the next day to enjoy donuts and we had planned on going to the park but it was too windy for that. Bummer, but hey at least we got donuts out of it!

The cutest.

 It's not often that this little girl wakes up before her brothers at nap time but when she does I cherish it! And yes she does look super grumpy. Please excuse her.

Every Wednesday night Oliver has AWANAs so we get to take the two little ones out one night a week. This week we got them cake pops and Carter said "I'm going to eat this so Oliver doesn't see it!" as he was devouring it.

Thursday was mostly insane. We started the day out with a trip to my OB's office. It was the first time I had taken all three kids (and I was by myself) and I'm pretty sure they learned more than they needed to. All three of them were standing in line against the wall in the bathroom while I gave my lovely urine sample, that made for some great commentary. "Mommy, why are you peeing in that little cup? That's disgusting!" "Ewwwww!!! *giggle giggle*" and later on when they saw another pregnant mommy walking back Carter said really loudly "Mommy, is she going to go pee in a tiny cup too?". Yah that was pretty embarrassing but reaaaaaally funny. After running some errands I decided to treat the kids to lunch which ended up being really chaotic and frustrating. Carter said "I have to go potty RIGHT NOW" at least four times which is really tricky when I'm with all of the kids by myself. I ended up sending him in alone and jumping between the bathroom and our table to keep an eye on all three kids at once. Once we were finished eating I set Harper down on the bench to gather up our stuff and somehow she fell face first into the edge of the table and almost face first down on the ground. I caught her leg before she hit the ground but she of course started crying and had a huge goose egg/bruise on her little forehead. I got some great "mom of the year" glares from people and pretty much rushed the heck outta there with the kids. Let's just say getting out of the house with 4 kids 4 and under soon is going to be terrifying.

My sister sent me the picture (of baby me) on the left saying that Carter was definitely my mini me. She didn't even know that I had snapped the picture on the right of Carter a few weeks before so of course, I had to share. He's the little boy version of me for sure.

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